Reborn Silicone Baby Dolls For Sale!

Baby dolls have an important role during our childhood and they are precious for most adults, therefore, they are a necessity. Nowadays, we have silicone babies for sale that come in a variety of colors, shapes, features and even in different styles. We could say that the choice is almost infinite. Obviously, this means that these dolls come in many different price ranges. Some of them may cost more than your apartment, but these are collectible dolls, so they are not for play, usually. In this guide, we will be focused on different types, characteristic to consider and what makes a doll of this so great. All of that will use you for choosing and buying your new reborn silicone baby doll.


Brief history of baby dolls

Dolls exist as long as the humanity, and they were made from almost anything. The first ones were even used in religious ceremonies and they had an important role in everyday life. Dolls, as we know them today, became popular 150 years ago, they are one of the rare things that were able to maintain that popularity/demand all these years. First dolls were made from corn and clay, but today’s products are masterpieces, and some are even made from exotic materials.

Different styles of baby dolls

We already mentioned that there are different types of dolls. Now it is the time to get a closer look to them and to understand all about these dolls.

Reborn baby dolls

These dolls are probably going to be your first choice. They are treated as high-end dolls, they are usually made by handcrafters and people who appreciate perfection. As the end result, you will get a doll that looks like a real baby! Reborn babies for sale are a bit more expensive than ordinary dolls of this type. However, you must understand how real they look, so there were occasions where people tried to rescue a doll of this type from flames or an accident!

The biggest manufacturer of these dolls is Ashton Drake and they are perfectionists. These lifelike newborn dolls come with a birth certificate, hospital details, and even adoption documents. All of this is needed in order to make a doll look more real. Some models can move their chests and simulate breathing, while others can even move hands. Don’t think that all of them are extremely expensive. It is possible to find reborn dolls for sale under 100 dollars, $60 or even 50.

Vintage dolls

If you are a collector, you must have vintage dolls. An interesting fact about them is the hair and the clothes. Most of them have actual hair, from humans, of course, and the clothes that they wear was made especially for them. Collectors usually restore these dolls and they can reach extremely high prices. Models made in the 1800s are the most popular and the most common. Note: These dolls are commonly collected by collectors and they have a high value.

Silicone dolls

Silicone baby dolls for sale can be found in most markets, shops and stores. They are the most common choice of babies and every single toddler has one of them. If you are looking for a doll for your child, you will be looking one from this category/style. After all, these dolls are designed to be an important addition in the childhood of every single child.

Due to the fact, there are a lot of different types of silicone dolls, we can divide them as well. Full bodied silicone babies for sale are affordable, they look interesting, made to look like infants. Yes, there are a lot of different variants of them.

Silicone reborn baby dolls for sale are available as well. They are a mixture of the original dolls and the silicone ones. We can say that they can be rated between these two types of dolls and they are probably a wise choice, simply because they feature the both characteristics of both styles. Let’s add that they are far more affordable than actual cheap reborn baby dolls.


Benefits reborns can provide

Yes, there are some benefits these dolls can provide to you and to your child. Don’t forget that boys and girls will get the same benefits, so if your boy likes playing with dolls, it’s a good thing! Important: All of these benefits were proven by the studies conducted in the United States.

Improving the motor skills, coordination, and social skills are probably the first and the most significant benefits child will get thanks to a baby doll. A long play time can have a positive effect on the interaction between a child and adults or even with objects. All of this explains why children who played with babies are more emotional and have better social skills that children who didn’t have an experience like this.

While playing, a child will learn how to take off or put on clothes on cute reborn babies, how to feed her and how to bath her. The next step to make is to use all of that knowledge on himself. It isn’t a secret that babies who like playing with dolls, accept and adjust to certain activities much quicker than other children can.

If you and your spouse are expecting another child, realistic newborn dolls are the first thing you should take into account. Children will get used to the company because they imagine dolls are alive, which is related to the better imagination, by the way, therefore they will be better prepared when you bring home your second child. This solution is recommended by most experts and even experienced moms.


Why buying a new doll?

Silicone reborn babies for sale aren’t just popular and commonly bought without a reason. They have an important role and they cannot be replaced. We will add that they will be used forever and there are no alternatives when it comes to this. The main reason, why you should buy a baby doll are mentioned above, but there are a few more.

A baby doll and an only child

For example, if you have an only child, he or she may get bored all the time. A baby doll is the best solution that can provide tons of fun and entertainment. If you have a girl a doll of this kind is even more important! Besides all the reasons we mentioned, girls can use these dolls to improve their skills that will be used later in life! Newborn baby dolls that look real are your best choice, just because they offer the highest number of benefits and have the most uses.

Baby dolls and twins

Parents usually believe that if they have twins, their children don’t need a baby doll. There is no point in saying how wrong this is! Twins will adapt and develop their social skills much quicker once they have spent time playing with a doll. Even more importantly, these dolls can make the bond between them stronger and everlasting.

Collectors and baby dolls

Baby dolls aren’t just for children, they are for adults as well. Some collectors will pay an extremely high amount of money in order to get a perfect and a baby doll they want. It is possible that a doll you or your children use right now, becomes one of the desirable collectors’ items. However, in order to get that, you need a doll that is premium quality and rare. If you know that some dolls can reach up to $100.000, saving and choosing your new doll will be treated more seriously.

Factors to consider when you buy reborns

By now you should have realized that there are a lot of different models and they come with a lot of different features. In order to get the best doll, you must choose carefully. There are more than 10.000 different full body soft silicone babies for sale right now, so which one is the right one? Following our instructions and choosing the one that has all or most characteristics we will mention here is the path you should take. By doing this, you will make a wise choice, great investment, and you will get a desirable doll.

Realistic baby dolls

All of the benefits and purposes we mentioned apply to all dolls, but realistic ones do all of that much better and in less time. There is no a better alternative than choosing a doll that looks like a real baby. By making this choice, your kid will develop social skills much faster, get abetter imagination and learn more that you can teach him. Realistic dolls will stay interesting for a longer period of time, so they are a better investment, simply due to the fact you won’t have to replace them after a short period of time. Note: Usually dolls of this kind can become collector’s item.

The size

You may think that we will mention a size of a doll just because it will determine the price and etc. The truth is far more complicated. The size of a new doll should be chosen correspondingly to theage of your child. Between age 2 and 3, your child need a cuddle dolls that don’t fall into this category. Between age 3 and 7, a 14 inches dolls are the best choice. At that time, a child develops motor skills and you can notice that hand movement is better and more

frequent. A 14-inch doll will be perfect for a child of this age. Playing and experimenting with a doll will be the most desirable game for your child. After age 7, only girls will play with dolls, while boys will start exploring other alternatives. Important: Barbie dolls have been related to depression in young girls, simply because they can make your child think she is ugly!

Soft or hard baby dolls

Solid baby dolls are very popular nowadays, but they are commonly chosen for older children, age 6-7. They are much harder and heavier, so they are not recommended for younger children. On the other hand, we have soft dolls. They are more suitable for girls and boys during theyounger age. We may add that they are safer to use as well.

Color of newborn baby dolls

Yes, we think that a color of a doll has an important role in experiencing all the benefits aforementioned. For example, africanamericanchildren have corresponding dolls. They are preferable because they cause less stress and require less adjustment. Also, they are more interesting to your child or children and they will stay like that for a longer period of time. Black baby dolls should be taken into account as well and don’t think they are too different or they don’t come with all the characteristics other dolls have. The latest models are rich in features, and they have all your child need.

Modern features

Now we have come to the interesting part. Baby dolls of the latest generation have modern features. Just some of these characteristics include the ability to move chests and simulate breathing. Others can move their hands, close/open their eyes and cry. Due to a low weight, baby dolls must have, manufacturers usually add just one or two features in their products. Your task will be to choose the feature you appreciate, and your child needs. Remember that dolls that open/close their eyes are usually the most interesting to a child, so they are more desirable.

Available accessories

When it comes to the baby dolls, accessories and clothes have a huge role! You will have to understand that some dolls can wear the same clothes designed for human babies. Additional accessories may include strollers, diapers, jewelry and basically anything that has been developed and made for a real human baby. The unwritten rule is that cheap silicone baby dolls for sale usually come with fewer accessories available. However, high-end dolls will offer you almost anything you can get used for your baby. We mentioned this point simply because of it as an significant role in choosing a new baby doll. Most children, especially girls, will pay attention to the accessories and they will always try to customize/adapt their dolls. Another reason why this is an important part are collectors. They usually prefer dolls with a lot of additions. Addition: If you have skills and knowledge, you can make your own accessories for a baby doll.

Is your reborn doll washable?

We all know that your kid will have interesting games in mind for a doll. In most cases, a doll will end up dirty. That’s why thewashable feature is very desirable. If a doll can be washed in a washing machine, cleaning time would be far shorter and a doll will be clean and spotless all the time. Usually dolls without modern particularities are machine washable, while those with modern features are not.

Huggable or not

Besides playing with a doll, your child will want to hug it, a lot! Therefore, you should be focused on is a doll huggable. Almost all, latest dolls are like this, and they have been customized for hugging and cuddling. Still, you may need to pay special attention to the age of your child, the size of a doll, when you look for this feature. Some dolls are huggable, without a question, but they are not ideal for spending the entire night in a bed with your child! Important: This factor is simply mandatory if you have a girl!


Cheap reborn baby dolls for sale may surprise you due to a simple reason. Some of them may come with additions that will be interesting and fun to your child. Just some examples include teddy bears, hats, shoes, necklaces and etc. We will recommend you to get a doll that has at least one addition included in the package. Usually, it is some smaller toy, but if you look carefully, you will be able to find a lot of different things. This is important simply because it improves the imagination of your child, due to the fact he/she will be able to play for much longer and will be able to create unique situations, all thanks to a small addition.


The bottom line

Now you know all about baby dolls you will need in order to make a right choice. We helped you understand what the styles are and what particularities your new doll should have. A mandatory thing to remember is that baby dolls have actual benefits on your child and the development, so they are far more than simple toys. Most experts claim that baby dolls are necessary for proper child development!

All combined means that you should get a new doll as soon as possible. Pay close attention to the factors we mentioned here. They can make a difference between a perfect doll and not so great one. If you include all or almost all features, your kids will be incredibly happy and satisfied with your new doll. After all, this is the main point.