Holding a dainty, just born baby, gives you a protective feeling. I experienced this protective feeling when I held my first reborn that I created. Just touch my little babies and enjoy the experience. You need to take a second look know that it is a reborn and not a real one. The resemblance is so close and real.

I have been collecting reborn baby dolls for many years and I love every little reborn that I collect. It is such an exciting experience to let my imagination take over, whenever I take my creative reborn. Each reborn doll is a new experience. As each reborn is personally customized and unique, each has its own unique characteristics, and no two reborns resemble each other.

Reborn collectors are encouraged by the experience they witness, when they hold the tiny reborn in their hands. With attention given to each and every part of the reborn, it is a sheer delight, just to hold the little one in your hand.

I just wanted to share my joy and my creations with the word, as there are many collectors who love these reborns and want one for themselves. You can always contact me at my page and share your opinion and requirements. It would be great to hear from you.

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