Caring For Your Reborn Doll

A reborn doll is almost like a live baby. They are as dainty and delicate, as the real ones. You can touch your reborn, cuddle it, dress it and of course, take care of it. The entire experience is unique and is a collector’s delight. The most enjoyable part of it is when you hold it in your hands and take memorable pictures with it.

There are some instructions that I would like to share with you, when you take care of your reborn.

  1. Skin: Remember that your reborn is almost like a child. It is as delicate as a real baby. It has a fragile skin and requires a delicate hold.
  2. Neck: The neck is one of the most delicate parts in the reborn. You have to handle with utmost care, almost like a new baby. The neck is not firm and is very wobbly. As the neck is not well supported as the other parts of the body, you will have to take utmost care of the neck. Especially while picking up your reborn, you should lend a supportive hand under the neck.
  3. Face: The face with its distinguishing features has to be well protected so that each feature retains its beauty with its intricate perfection. To provide such care to the reborn, especially during travelling, you should gently lay it in a soft cloth so that scratches or nicks do not occur on the surface of the face.
  4. Arms and Legs: The arms and legs should be handled with care, when you put on the dress for the reborn or when you remove it. As the joints are connected either with cloth or with doe suede, you should handle it with utmost care, as these joints may get ripped away from the body, if not handled properly.
  5. Dress: you can dress your reborn silicone baby doll with fine clothes of your choice, as this is the most adorable feature of having a reborn at home. You can match it with your dress color and you can also design your own little dress.
  6. Hair: you will have to use a very soft child’s brush on the hair when you brush it. The hair should be carefully handled. It should be brushed very softly or else, just rearranged gently. If the hair is micro-rooted you can even use some cotton, slightly dabbed with a few drops of water and hair conditioned to style it.
  7. Bathing: the reborn should not be bathed. If it is a silicone doll, you can clean it up according to the instructions given. But a reborn should not be bathed. It can be delicately scrubbed with a micro cloth.
  8. External Care: Your reborn has to be carefully handled. Though repeated, it is an important instruction. This has to be given special attention, especially when others handle the reborn. When other children carry your reborn, make sure that they hold it when you are around. Children have a tendency to pull the arm, leg or the hair. Do not expose your full body reborn silicone baby doll to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure may fade the paint, even though high quality materials are used to protect it.

The reborn is your chosen acquisition. Protect it, enjoy it and cherish it.

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