Couple Words About Black Silicone Baby Dolls

You might or might not have heard about the black silicone reborn babies, so we should better start off this article by explaining you the whole concept of reborn dolls. It basically refers to the art that includes creating a life like real looking dolls. These dolls are basically created from a vinyl kit or the plastic silicon. These black silicone baby dolls are meant to bring a great addition to the life of people

How are these dolls reborn?

In this article, we will talk about the procedures and facts that will help you out to make the African American full body silicone baby dolls. It requires a prebuilt doll for the process; most of the reborn doll creators prefer using the Ashton-Drake, Emily, Berjusa or the Berenguer dolls for all the reborn processes. The same process for rebirthing is used for each kind of dolls. But you need to keep in mind not to use vintage dolls for this procedure as they are not at all suitable to create the African American silicone, reborn babies. Here below given are some of the points mentioned that you are required to follow in order to get done with making your own reborn baby dolls for sale.

  1. First of all, you need to disassemble the original doll in order to make the new one. In this process, you are also required to remove the doll’s hair as well as the paint to give it a new look.
  2. Next, it is required to clean it properly and bath the doll with the required chemicals and residue. You can also prefer using a paintbrush that is long handled to get the cleansing process done more properly.
  3. Next, you are required to hand root the hair of that doll. Basically, mohair is used for this purpose.
  4. You can dye the hair in whichever color you want an prefer, it is more preferably recommended to dye the hair with hands to a vivid and getting more real looking shade. Some of the artists also use the wigs on these dolls instead of rooting the hair.
  5. Next, you need to carefully color the doll and add detailing to it. it can be easily done with any kind of dye and pain, that matches the skin tone of the African American silicone babies for sale, you are willing to give.
  6. You also need to draw well all the details of the face including the lips, eyebrows, skin folds etc along with giving it some more significant touches to make look real. The artists most commonly prefer using a number of fine brushes along with the pastels and oils to get perfectly done with this step.
  7. Lastly, you are required to reassemble the doll completely and in a proper manner. Many of the artists also use stuffing some of the parts of the doll with any kind of material to stimulate somewhat realistic body weight. These materials can be any of the polyester fills, plastic pellets or sand depending on the artist’s wish.
  8. At last, the artist’s go on dressing up the doll as a final touch. The black silicone babies for sale can be dressed up in any of the attires including different doll hats, shoes and clothing items.

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