How to Make a Silicone Baby Doll?

The Baby Doll is one of those kinds of collectibles that everyone is finding truly represents the beauty of what of Doll should be like. Millions collect some kind of item to store their house, but something practical that really brightens up your home is an even more ideal option than a baseball card or Star Wars collectible.

What can really add to a collectible set is if you are able to make some of the objects that are associated with set. When people can combine their ability to do it yourself with the excitement of collecting items that are unique in many ways, it only adds to the fun of collecting them. This is how many are starting to feel about the silicone baby doll.

How to Make Your Own

Now you can make your own silicone baby doll, if you so choose, giving you the ability to have a collectible that will look unbelievably lifelike. With hair color, eye color, skin complexion, and many other characteristics that you can alter, you can create a figure that will truly represent the beauty that is generated within your mind. Even better, you can actually create many of these if you so desire, because they are easy to do and a lot of fun.

The process begins like getting molds of the shape of the different parts of the body that you desire. This should include such areas as legs, arms, head, and the body. If you so desire, there are molds that you can get out there where hands and feet are generated separately, giving you greater level of functionality if you so desire.

You can then purchase the material that you pour into the mold and let sit until it has dried and is ready to use. At that point, you simply open up the mold and take each of the pieces out. It is best that you not assemble and tell you are completely done with each section.

After you have removed them, and sure that there is plenty of time for them to be completely dry before moving onto the next section. This will ensure that you get the product you are looking for.

Your next step is to create a pigment that you will used to paint each of the body parts so that they are the same color. You want a pigment that truly represents the complexion of the skin that you are looking for. There are many options you can purchase out there or you can color a silicone mixture to represent what you are looking for. You can even dunk the body parts directly in two the mixture.

Next, you will work on individual parts of the body, including toenails, eyes, nasal passages, and other areas that are slightly different in color. Make sure that you develop a silicone based pigment that is ideal for each of these areas. Slowly paint them until they are completed. Then get a wig of some kind that you would like to use for the hair color. Assemble the baby’s body parts together and put a little bit of clothing on it and you have created your first silicone baby.

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