Life Size Sex Dolls – Full Buying Guide

It was not long ago when life size sex dolls became a hot trend in different parts of the world. There are many reasons behind the conception of this thing. Some would say that these can be used to help soon-to-be parents or would-be-parents to get a clearer picture of how to take good care of a new born child. But that’s on a conservative point of view. There are also instances when these things are used to deal with some mental conditions experienced by people who have lost their children right away. It serves as a coping mechanism for them for their grief and sadness. No matter what the reason for buying this doll is, it cannot be denied that it has indeed made its mark to various markets today, even on the online world. As such, it would be beneficial to learn some tips that will serve as a guide for those who are looking for cheap full silicone sex dolls over the internet.

Understand What You Really Want

Before you go on buying cheap full silicone sex dolls, you have to understand what you really want. Do you want to have a bigger one or would you prefer having a smaller one by your side? Do you want one that looks like a boy or a girl? How about facial features? Do you want the doll to look like an American or not? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer before hitting that “buy” button on different online shops today. You can be sure to find what you really want. All you have to do is make sure you know what it is. After all, you’re the only one that can know what it is that will satisfy what you really want.

Consider your Budget before Buying

Budget is one of the main concerns for any kind of purchase that one has to make. This case is not an exception. Various searches will reveal that you’ll need more or less $100.00 to get yourself a decent doll of this line. You can also go for cheap silicone life size sex dolls for sale but you’ll have to make sure that your money is not wasted for a doll that has low quality. There are some shops out there, especially online ones, which will offer you real cheap dolls. They will make you believe that you can have a great full size sex dolls without spending much. Be careful of these schemes. Be an intelligent buyer and go for uncompromising quality.

Make it a Habit to Compare Prices and Specs

There are many online shops now that sell Life Size Sex Dolls. That would mean there are many that are competing companies that will do everything they can to convince you to spend money on their doll. Take advantage of this and compare their prices and specs of the ones they are selling. If you can, try to inquire why they have varying prices and what would make the life size love dolls of one company stand out from among the others. That way, you can have lots of options to choose from. Remember, you are free to select from as many choices that you can have. Take good advantage of that freedom.

Do You Really Need to Buy One Right Now?

This is one question that you should ask yourself first before thinking of buying one of those Full Size Sex Dolls for sale out in the market today. If you have things that need to be prioritized first, then perhaps that’s what you should spend your money for. But if this one can’t wait, then go and buy one. Just make sure that you don’t have regrets after spending those precious bucks. Remember that there are some policies about returning dolls out of change of mind of customers that are not favorable to you. Don’t forget that. There are cases when you cannot return the product without justifiable reasons and therefore, you cannot get your money back.

How Can You Find the Best Provider?

There are many ways for you to find the best provider of such sex dolls. You can visit the shop’s main websites and look for product reviews. Don’t just focus on ratings or the stars given to the product. Read all the comments as well as the questions asked by previous customers like you. Also, try to read reviews about full body dolls and see if you can pick some information that will help you decide where you can buy the best kind out there. Just remember that there are some reviews and ratings as well as comments that might be biased. Avoid those so that you can make the right decision or judgment.

Will this Product Benefit You at All?

This will be answered by your answer to the question “why you want to have one?” Like what have been said earlier, if you really need it, then perhaps you will benefit from buying one. But if you are just buying out of curiosity, that rewarding feeling might come a little longer. But at least, you had the chance to answer some of your questions behind your curious thinking, right? So once you got one full size sex dolls for sale out of the many ones out there, try to ask yourself if you really feel rewarded or not.

These questions and statements might be able to help you figure out if you really need and can buy such life size sex dolls. Just keep in mind that you will spend money you have worked so hard for in buying just one for yourself. Therefore, you should see to it that if you are to buy a girl or boy doll for whatever reasons that you have, it should be worth it.

Lastly, when you finally get the doll, make the most of it. Don’t just make it sit around a corner with you doing nothing with it at all. That is not a smart move, considering you spent a good deal of money for it.



2017-12-26 22:20:33 Reply

Can you tell me want the price is for a soft sex doll that have full size body?

Rosando Maldonado

2017-12-28 20:25:27 Reply

I would like to know where I can shop….i would like a sex doll…no material body…the cute ones that look real…they are so expensive…been searching for swhile and no luck….


    2017-12-30 00:29:25 Reply

    yes, there are no cheap models at all((

Paris Crawford

2018-01-01 21:28:07 Reply

Do she come with clothes , is she a full body?

Paris Crawford

2018-01-01 21:34:22 Reply

Come January 20 please and that’s when I’ll have the money and come with diapers and bottles and a baby headrest please


2018-01-08 00:51:40 Reply

I have looked at ones and I have fell in love❤

Patricia welch

2018-01-19 15:50:18 Reply

I want a little girl around 4 to 5 pounds, milk spots, dark hair not a lot for a preemie, can drink and wet

2018-01-20 03:28:24 Reply rose frm mlaysia..
Serching my reborn baby budject under 1000 MYR…2nd hand also cn..
Trully fall in love ..



2018-01-22 12:23:43 Reply

I ❤️ Baby dolls


2018-01-24 03:36:31 Reply

i love ur dolls i been looking for 1 for a long time now
is she really 283.00 or is that just a payment on her.please let me know.


    2018-01-24 15:10:34 Reply

    Hi, Rose, you can check actual price by visiting page on ebay clicking on “Check price” button


2018-02-15 00:41:23 Reply

hello whats better reborn or silicone for 1st time buyers whats the pro and cons


2018-02-21 17:12:17 Reply

whats the price for a baby girl eyes closed African American that can fit a whole pacifire and bottle nipple with wet system??

Salama alkhoory

2018-02-23 10:43:57 Reply



2018-05-10 02:35:15 Reply

I really would like to know how I can buy a full body silicone baby that feels real maybe one that can suck a bottle and wear diapers can you send me info please thanks a lot

Krystal brogan

2018-05-17 07:51:16 Reply

Hi i really want a real looking soft solid-silicone baby since i cant have kids cause of my cancer can u help me plz

mickey cochrane

2018-06-04 18:07:00 Reply

I’m looking for reborn preemie baby boy, full silicone body with his eyes open. i don’t want to go over $100. Do have any suggestion’s for me?


2018-07-03 03:30:30 Reply

What is the price for this doll


2018-09-19 21:28:05 Reply

do you ha ve some babys for me to buy. but cheap babys


2018-11-03 13:41:38 Reply

I would like to find a newborn size 5.5 pounds mixed and robot d hair with curls a newborn amount of hair for my daughter for 3_4hundredfull body silicone and take full bottle and binkey batheable


2018-11-03 23:58:04 Reply

Been researching full bodied silicone babies. Maybe you can help. I need to know what are the pros and cons of different kinds of silicone – such as what would be the main differences between ecoflex 10, 15, 20, and 30 especially in the areas of softness/ squishiness and durability. What are the differences between standard ecoflex 20, platinum ecoflex 20, and super soft ecoflex 20. What is super marshmallow silicone? Does the type of silicone affect how realistic the baby looks as well as feel? Super confused. Considering the possibility of buying one. Would appreciate your council. Thanks.

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