Reborn Baby Dolls for Sale! With Buying Guide

If you told anyone years ago that a time would come when it would be possible to buy a doll that resembles a real human baby, you would probably be thought of just delusional. You would have had the last laugh now, given that reborn dolls are in the market. They resemble the human baby with as much realism as possible. Strangely, most people do not know that ‘reborning’ refers to the whole process of making or rather manufacturing the doll. It has nothing to do getting ‘giving birth’ again. The doll artistes who get the job done are referred to as reborners. The dolls can also be reffered to as reborn baby dolls or lifelike dolls.

The history behind reborn dolls

The history of reborn dolls can be traced back to around 1938 and 1939. Back then, doll artists were exploring the idea of coming up with dolls that look and even felt like real infants. Much has happened since then with reborn dolls that look and even feel like real infants available. It gets better with the fact that one can have the dolls regardless of skin complexion or even size.

It is also important to note that the history of reborn dolls in the US is different when compared to those of other countries. In the US, the art began around 1990. Strangely though, it picked up faster than almost all the other countries in the world. The US now has more reborn doll artists than other countries like India and China where reborn babies for sale are popular.

The very first reborn doll was sold in 2002 on eBay. This opened the doors for other reborn doll artists to make a living out of their art. It therefore does not come as a surprise that there are now so many reborns artists with popular online stores where people can place orders for reborn dolls. The stores are commonly referred to as ‘nurseries’.

The process

It is all about art. That is not enough though as the process is somewhat complex, involving several time consuming processes. The first step involves taking a simple vinyl doll and adding hand painted layers of special paint. Adding other physical features then follows. It is important to keep in mind that the final product or rather appearance of a given doll is wholly dependent on the creator. However, there are reborn artists who allow their clients to customize their dolls using photographs so as to replicate a particular baby.

Most people do not know this but just about any type of vinyl doll can be used in the reborning process.  There are however a few vinyl doll companies in the world, known for manufacturing vinyl dolls that are easy to reborn.


This refers to making a reborn doll from a kit as opposed to the whole process of manufacturing it. It is therefore, very different from reborning. Manufacturers hate this growing trend for the sole reason that it seems to kill the real art of reborning. A few other artists are however, for the idea saying that it opens room for creativity. Some artists actually claim that it wasn’t until they tried out newborning that they discovered they had a passion for reborning.

Starter kit supplies

Reborn doll supplies for anyone who wants to learn the art of reborning can be expensive. One may also have to take into account the fact that there will be several trial and error instances during the learning process. This is not the case though for anyone who just wants to purchase a reborn doll for personal reasons. There are high quality reborn baby dolls for sale under $60. The price tag usually depends on so many factors. Artists are also known to charge differently for their services as far as cute reborn babies are concerned. One can offer reborn baby dolls for sale under $50 and guarantee delivery within a week. Better yet, others could be expensive and deliver after a month. It all depends with how on demand an artist is.

The hair issue

Hair, just as complexion is usually a matter of choice.  Once can choose to have his or her reborn babies for sale manufactured with hair or without. Hair can also be real hair or synthetic hair. Wigs may also be used. Rooting, which is the process that involves adding hair to a reborn doll, is yet another lengthy process that sometimes calls for more money. Rooting tools used can easily determine how appealing a doll may look with hair. The tools vary in size ranging from size 20 all the way to size 42.

There is also the complexion issue. A doll can be as dark as or as light as a client wants. The same case applies for eyes.  That is why it is important to get an accurate size of all the parts that matter. Get the sizes right and you can be sure you will end up with a doll that looks exactly like the infant you have in mind.

Finding an artist

This should not be very hard, especially with the internet around. All you need to do is take time to find one. But while at it, there are so many factors you should be on the lookout for. Price is of course, one such factor. This should not be the main factor though given that there are so many cute reborn babies with fair affordable price tags.

Consider an artist’s portfolio. That is, the dolls the artist has made before. it gets better if you deal with a bigger company. all you need to do is find out what people have to say about the company. real client reviews in this case can go a long way to help you find out if you are about to get a good deal and value for your money. Some of the best reviewed artists and companies may charge you more than you may have planned. This should not be a problem if they can guarantee quality.

The doll

Think of your reborn doll as any other treasured possession you have. That is, maintain it well. Keep in mind that it is made of vinyl. That means leaving it out in the sun for long can easily damage it. Washing the doll should not be a problem.  It should in fact, be fun for a child. One must however be careful not to store the doll while still wet. Then by all means, keep the doll away from sharp objects. Keep it away from fire too.  In a nutshell, maintaining your reborn doll is simple.

Strange facts on reborn dolls

There are a few facts that make reborn dolls and the industry around them interesting such as the fact that there is an international association for reborn artists – The International Reborn Doll Artists (IRDA). These range from things such as history all the way to things such as how they are made and the price tags they come along with. Some of the most common strange facts include the following.

Psychologists recommend them

Reborn dolls have been known to come in handy for mothers grieving loss of their little loved ones. This is a grey are though with a few other experts claiming that they may do little to help one cope up with grief. One thing’s for sure though. People have been known to develop close attachment to reborn babies. This happens especially to babies. With a doll that looks just like you and with the same name just like yours, getting attached should be easy.

Outgrowing the doll on the other hand could be hard. There are in fact, teens and adults who still treasure their reborn dolls. When one thinks of it though, what else can one really do with a reborn doll after one becomes an adult? You cannot give a doll that looks like you to someone else. The best you can do is to keep it for memories.

They make perfect gifts

You can make one for your little loved one. You can also choose to surprise a friend or a family member with a reborn doll of their baby. Unfortunately, even with all the knowledge out there on reborn dolls, not so many people think of them as perfect baby shower or even birthday gifts. This may change in the new future though, as the market continues to grow. The industry in fact, projected to be a billion dollar industry in the next decade.

They can be made at any age

They are not just a preserve for infants. As strange as it may sound, one can order for a reborn doll of any size. Keep in mind that size here is synonymous with age. The older one is the bigger the doll. The price factor may differ though when it comes to bigger reborn dolls for obvious reasons.

Their prices differ

Just how much does a reborn baby cost does is a relative question. There are so many in the market today that sell for less than $100 or even $50. However, this is not the median price. Reborn dolls can be very expensive depending on several factors. The material used is one of the main factors that can easily shoot up the price of any reborn baby for sale. There are also a few companies and artists known to be very expensive. The price therefore, can be as low as $50 an as high as $1000 or even more.

They make parenting easy

This should be obvious, but it is not. There is some social science behind it. Chidren known to develop close ties with their toys have been observed to be very affectionate and gentle. This is always a perk for any parent as it makes parenting easy. The child will most likely be kind and loving towards his or her other siblings. Bring a reborn doll into the picture and things get even more interesting. The child develops a close bond with a doll that looks just like him or her. Before long, the child learns what it means to be responsible. From a distance, this looks like a simple and even obvious thing. It is obvious in some way. A child cannot mishandle a doll that looks just like him or her. In  a nutshell, buying a young one a reborn doll can easily be the first tip up your sleeve to help your child learns responsibility.

They are really like real infants

Just how real is real? You only have to buy, see or just touch a reborn doll to understand. Think of it this way. Reborn heads and other areas like arms are weighed before reborning. The aim here is to make it easy for the reborn doll owner to support the doll just as is always the case with a real infant. That is not everything though. Magnets are then attached inside the head or inside the mouth so as to attach hair bows or pacifiers. Electronic devices designed to mimic heart beats are or make the chest are rise and fall as is the case with real breathing may be added to the reborn doll.

Reborns can also come complete with umbilical cords and heat packs. Voice boxes that produce baby sounds and heat packs to make the reborn warm to the touch are also common. Better yet, there are some that come in incubators complete with breathing aids attached on the nose. One can then choose to dress the reborn to make it seem real.


Reborn dolls are now extremely popular. They are not made just for infants but for grownups too. As a matter of fact, most people who order them are usually adults who intend to stay with the dolls to remind them of how it felt to hold a week old or a month old infant. There are of course, reborns designed for children to play with just as they would with dolls. It is because of these factors and more that reborn dolls come along with different price tags.