Reborns: The Latest Craze

The reborn has been the trending craze and is currently drawing a huge fan-base to it. The term ‘Reborn’ is still a new term and people are still confused over the term.

Reborn, Reborned and Reborning

Reborn is a new term that is gaining more exposure, as more collectors acquire these reborn dolls. Artists and collectors use the different terms for reborn such as reborned and reborning.

Reborn silicone baby is not a doll that is made to look life-like and real. Life-like dolls are generally beautiful looking and almost resemble a baby, but they can never be mistaken for a real child.

Reborned dolls are dolls that have been given minute changes which are altered by good experts in the most artistic manner. Dolls are made to closely resemble life-like babies. But reborned are less realistic to look at. Animal like creatures like puppies and baby chimps; fairy reborns and gothic are some examples that can be cited. Dolls made of vinyl-bodies can be reborned easily. Cloth dolls are also reborned. Latest collections such as Barbie dolls, Bratz and Monster High can also be reborned.

When dolls are created from vinyl, the material used to create a reborn; it is called reborning, as the material has a soft squishy feel, when pressed. They have a soft velvety-silk feel, to resemble a new-born. Silicone, used to make expensive dolls, does not produce the velvety-feel in them, when touched.

Why Reborn?

Reborn has a huge crowd of followers. They are collectors and artists who keep collecting many reborn or possess at least one reborn with them. The texture of the reborn skin which is made from vinyl-bodies gives them a soft squishy feel, which many love to touch and hug. They are not made from plastic or other materials that dolls are usually made of. Enfolding the reborn is said to bring great joy to the person holding it. It is almost like holding a real child, with feelings. If hugged too strongly, you may feel that you are hurting the child.  This magical hold is said to give positive energy to the holder and may also cure some diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, the reborn are as addictive as online games as the collector keeps collecting dresses and other baby things for the full body reborn silicone baby. Changing the dress, maintaining the reborn, holding it and taking photographs with it, are some of the pre-occupations that collectors love to do with their reborn.

A reborn has always drawn appreciative glances from onlookers. There are many who just love the fine work that goes with the reborn, the minute details, the fine texture and the creativity behind it are well-appreciated by others.

Reborn has been appreciated the world-over and the fan-base is just growing, with more reborn entering the market.

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