The Cost Factor: Too Much or Too Low?

Art is not just a piece of paper, paint and brush. It is time spent in creating; it is putting your imagination into reality; giving rise to something unique, slowly, inch by inch. Art does not only involve artistic paintings and artistic craft, it also includes artistic reborn dolls.

The Art found in Reborn

A reborn is a piece of art. It is born through a creative mind. Each reborn is a unique piece of art. Every feature found on the reborn has been created with a lot of care, so that each wrinkle and crease can be placed at exact locations, to add to the reality of the reborn. Our reborn is created to instil a feeling of delight, just to see it and to hold it.

The reborn is priced not on the cost but on the thought behind the creation. Each feature adds value to the reborn, as they are fitted onto the reborn. Each process is made to add to the reality of the reborn. That is why our silicone reborns are most realistic, more adorable and lovable.

How is value estimated in Reborn?

Reborn is created with a lot of thought. It is not just purchasing the basic materials and assembling them together. There is a lot of care and creativity put in, together with the materials. Placing each feature in place, involves a lot of thought and imagination.

  • To create a reborn doll it takes about 8 hours of dedicated work. But if the reborn has to be created from the basics, which means that it has to be built from the bare-bone basics to painted hair, it may take about 20 hours or more.
  • As far as costs are concerned, the reborn baby involves an expense of around $120. The expenses cover the cost of the materials and clothes and shipping supplies. This is the expense involved in a normal model. If more expensive materials and other fittings are used, it hikes up the expenses incurred. The cost of such reborn dolls is found to be around $200. Apart from paying for the expenses incurred, the artist will have to pay for shipping expenses, PayPal charges, eBay commission, etc. The net income that the artist can enjoy is less than $50. When comparing the net income with the hours spent, it is almost $4.03 per hour, which is very low, considering the tedious and reticulated work in the processing of the reborn baby.
  • The body of the reborn is made of doe suede which costs around $12 to $20. The premium models and limited editions models are more expensive and may range from $100 to $150. Sold-out editions are even more expensive and cost more than $200.
  • Mottling is the art of giving a realistic touch to the baby. We create newborn babies and toddlers. Even the eyes are made to look realistic. With different shades for every centimetre and inch. The hair is made precisely like real ones with micro-rooted hair. But some prefer painted heads instead of this mohair that is micro-rooted. The entire body has mottling perfected imprinted in them. Our goal is to make realistic, squishy dolls that are most adorable.
  • When you take a closer look at the reborn, you will know the quality of the reborn. There are some, with just a layer of painted coating on the body and absence of minute works, such lack of nail color, complete baldness of the head, etc. These are examples of imperfect reborn creations and such reborn babies are charged less. But it does not give the satisfactions of a perfect reborn baby. Make sure that you get good models. We provide full body silicone reborn babies that are perfected with much experimentation and a lot of research work put It., for giving our best work. We are satisfied with nothing less than perfection. We make sure that each reborn has its own unique style and presentation. There are no replications.
  • Each feature is given importance to make it more realistic. We lay stress on the reality of the piece rather than concentrating on the beauty of the work. For beautiful toys, you can purchase them at other places where each and every doll is beautiful and realistic. But when you have a reborn doll, you will have people take a second and third look to see if it is a live one or an artificial one. So much of detail is enhanced in each reborn doll. That is the style that we are famous for.

Is the Reborn Worth Investing in?

Of course, when so much of thought is put into every detail of the reborn, the cost factor also escalates.  When we create a reborn, we make sure that anyone seeing it would love it on the spot. It is this emotion that people like to feel and are willing to pay the any price for the reborn. Of course, you have your own spending range. You will realize that the realistic appearance of the reborn is the reason for the high cost factor of the reborn. We have found that collectors are delighted with our creations and are willing to pay and invest in our reborn dolls. We are always flooded with many admirers and buyers who are willing to spend on reborn dolls.

We quote our price and hope we will be able be able to fit into your budget.  There are many artists in the market and the option to buy according to your taste, requirement and budget rests on you.

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