Tips to Choose the Right Reborn

Artists and collectors around the world keep collecting reborn to possess. They are considered valuable investments.

Are you on the lookout for a reborn? Are you considering if the investment is worth it?

Don’t worry. There are many who have the same doubts as you. You may have been introduced to the reborn on the eBay or Etsy and may have many thoughts about buying one.

Here are some tips on what to look for in a reborn. If you are going to invest in a silicone reborn doll, you should know more about it and you should know how to choose a reborn.

A reborn has the feel of a real child. The soft squishy feel of a child is felt, on holding the reborn close. The charm of a reborn is the soft and cuddly feel that it gives to its user. When choosing the reborn, you should look out for a few features in them.

Texture of the Skin

The skin texture should be very soft. Usually these dolls are made of vinyl material or doe sued of fine quality, so that it gives it a more realistic touch, than a doll made of cloth. The body texture should be good and free of tears and rips. It should be clean and soft.

Tone of the Skin

A human body has many pigments and is filled with various skin pigments that produce various skin tones throughout the body. The skin tone is the main feature that gives it a realistic look. Even every centimetre and inch of the skin has varying skin tones. The same varying skin tone should be present in the reborn. This interspersing of light and dark shades throughout the skin is called as ‘Mottling’. Mottling is more pronounced in infant babies when compared to the older babies. Mottling can also vary according to your preference.

Getting a Closer View

Unless the reborn has a realistic look and a realistic feel, it loses its value. You can also check the outer texture, to see if the body is free of rips, by asking for a close-up view. With a closer view, you can check for defaults on the skin. Make it a point to view the reborn without its clothes on, as it has to be closely checked for tears, stains, proportionate look, etc.

Features to be Checked

  • The hair should be finely checked. Hair that is micro-rooted is more realistic. It should give a natural look. Sometimes the hair is painted or drawn and is more economical. It should also be closely checked. Sometimes, the reborn comes with a bald head. In such a case, the head should be properly mottled.
  • The body should be proportionate from top to bottom. It should be made of doe suede or vinyl, to give it a soft, velvety touch. The body should be free of rips and tears.
  • The arms and feet should be proportionate. The nail tips should have a pinkish-white tinge. The tiny fingers are very small and well mottled.
  • The veins and freckles should be very realistic looking. Reborn have veins shown thinly on the head too. Some reborn have pimples, stork bites and moles too. All these add to the reality of the reborn.
  • The filling used inside the doll should be enquired. Normally, the filling used should be Polyfil made of fine quality. The weight should be added with plastic pellets. There are baby fat inserts, baby fat pellets, glass beads and steel shots that are usually used to give weight to the reborn. Using materials like wadded tissues, plastic bag fillings, fish tan stones and play sand is not the right method to add to the stuffing and weighing.
  • Make sure about the seller’s authentication before buying your full body silicone reborn baby. You can trust those sold on Etsy or eBay. You can also refer to customer reviews. You can also refer to feedbacks. The history of these sellers can also be checked by checking into the years of being in the field. You should also watch for false claims such as “sold out” and “limited edition”, which are not true.

The investment you make on your reborn should be productive. You should get a product of high quality. You can do more research about the products available in the market, before plunging into the purchase.

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